As of Jan. 2018 I'm imposing a 3 Consultation Limit for all ECR Customers.


If you have already exceeded this number dozens of times, unfortunately it's time for me to cut the cord otherwise you'll never develop true independence and do this on your own. When you bring a goldfish home or any other pet to be part of your family - this becomes a commitment and it's your obligation to educate yourself on how best to care for them.


Motivation is key to learning. If you're not motivated to learn, if you haven't paid attention after so much help and guidance has been provided for you over the years - then you're keeping goldfish for all the wrong reasons.


Learning has nothing to do with your capacity or potential. It has everything to do with whether you wanted to learn or not. Giving your goldfish the best care should be reason enough. Reasons reap results. If you have enough reasons you'll get results. You need to be reading up information, getting involved -- ROLLING UP YOUR SLEEVES. Don't just outsource the problem-solving to me every single time something goes wrong. 

With the exception of 1 or 2 individuals - my observation over the years is that fishkeepers who have asked for help ON AVERAGE only ever asked ONCE and never exceeded 2 consultations. This to me is remarkable and a positive sign that most fishkeepers who are serious about the hobby invest time and effort to do their own systematic investigation rather than be completely reliant whenever something happens to their goldfish.


I appreciate this enormously and encourage everyone to keep learning as you go. As a goldfishkeeper be confident in your ability to problem-solve independently. In the meantime I'll be here for you 3x when the occasion calls for it.

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