I come to this page every once in a while to go over these notes from a lot of good folks. 😊 


Unkind reviews are unique but despite the escalation of negativity and harshness on the internet - the wisdom and aggregate assessment of the majority is essentially more credible. I do understand however that ECR can’t be great for every goldfishkeeper. In order for East Coast Ranchu to be the best for someone, my goldfish is going to be the wrong fit for someone else.


Thanks to those who have given me latitude, kindness and most of all, respect:

Testimonials & Reviews

1 - 12

Deb LaRock

Dear Cynthia, I know you get tons of emails so I am going to try to keep this email precise & to the point. Thank-you for my 2 babies, they are doing great! I didn't have you send me any pictures before delivery on purpose so I could be totally surprised when they arrived. After unboxing them, I was amazed at how big they were. They are in their own 60 gallon tank and the big guy has grown already. I have continued your regimen and keeping a close eye on the tank as it is new and trying to cycle. Also thank-you for assisting me on coming up with a fair price as I had no idea what to offer and did not want to offer an insulting price. A fair price was important to me. I had searched for 6 months for just the right place to buy some healthy goldfish and here is a list of reasons why East Coast Ranchu was my choice.

  1. True caring for the fish, they are your main concern
  2. Heart felt passion for what you do
  3. You are a master of written communication - Your website has complete information on every aspect of purchasing fish from you. The information is complete and very helpful before, during, and after the sale
  4. You say what you mean and mean what you say. What I am trying to say is that you're not afraid to address every aspect of conducting business that others tend to shy away from. I liked how you covered the subject of difficult customers. Plus your policies are written very clearly & complete. I tend to trust & like people who are very clear on things.
  5. You're a professional all the way
  6. You only sell healthy fish
  7. I was provided an experience of caring and adopting blind ranchus - what an honor!
A big thank-you to you as I love my ranchus and will be back again when it is time to add another goldfish or two. Thanks, Deb LaRock

Cesar A. A.

I would like to Thank East Coast Ranchu for the quality of customer service they have and for the most beautiful and healthy Thai Calico Orandas . I am enjoying them. Thank You so much Cynthia. East Coast Ranchu - The Best.

Jennifer K.

I read your MISC tab and I applaud you. Thank you for your convictions. I am unfamiliar with the situation you describe but I can recognize an independent thinker who is determined to live by their own moral code. I am proud to buy from you and support you in this small way.

Amy R.

I am a huge fan of ECR and what she has done with her breeding stock. That said, I can unequivocally state that the woman some of you are trying to demonize has a heart of gold. Outside of the fish room, she’s a boss with a fulltime job. She has a family. She has a life. She is in the unique position of being one of 3 (correct me if I'm wrong) US women who are actively trying to further the domestic bred fancy goldfish on a public scale. She chooses to share her hard won knowledge with us, out of pocket, by herself, so we don’t have to pay exorbitant prices, for fish from unethical importers, that carry super pathogens which time and time again wipe out people’s entire collection. She’s also human, and humans aren’t always a ray of sunshine, especially when they are juggling very full plates. I can appreciate that people want to offer their outside opinion, but anyone implying that Cynthia should be quiet and play nice under the guise of “professionalism” while getting repeatedly slammed for defending herself is problematic at best. No shade, no drama, just my two cents.


Here is my review. ECR is one of the best breeders in the USA. We all buy fish from her and very happy with the result. Her fish are very clean and healthy. Once you buy and give adequate attention, you don't need another fish shopping anymore (unless you expand).

Additionally she is very honest, takes care of her fish very well and willing to help everyone in goldfish society (under correct situation).

Now-a-days, people use online to bash others business under the anonymous shield. It is happening everywhere including in our website. She needs to protect herself from haters (perhaps competitors). I don't see this as an issue.

We love ECR fish, we support ECR 101% and will continue support her.

Mike M.

Thank you to Mike M. for these kind words. He recently had issues with his collection of imported goldfish: "I can't thank Cynthia @eastcoastranchu enough for helping me treat these guys at a time where I was ready to throw my hands up and just say eff it. I know I could've been better support for her at certain times, but for what it's worth and for anyone reading this. She's always been fair and always puts forth the effort to help us out. She's got a million things on her plate, yet still makes time to help the community out when she can. These guys would not be alive right now had it not been for her, not because I would've just flat out given up, but I was in a situation far beyond my experience and knowledge. She took the time to research their symptoms and came up with a treatment plan, now look at them... I don't understand people that go out of their way to try and tarnish someone's reputation just because they don't see eye to eye or because they feel they are owed something or even simply because they don't get the response they want or how they expect. She owes no one anything, yet a lot of people act like she does. Anyway, I can go on and on about how great she is as a person and for what she is doing for the community, but all in all, I just want to say thank you for everything you have done for me and the goldfish community!"

Kathrin C.

I have purchased from East Coast Ranchu many times before. I am amazed by the quality of the fish each time. Cynthia’s care for the fish is unmatched by any other vendor I have purchased from before. The transaction process is the simplest out of all of the vendors I have purchased from. Cynthia’s customer service is some of the best customer service there is today. She answers to all emails, and each one has thought and time put into it. Another thing that makes her customer service great, is she is very straightforward and is honest about her company (she has no hidden agendas and she just wants you to receive a healthy and well cared for fish). This can be very hard to find today. When you buy an East Coast Ranchu, you know your fish will arrive without any infection or sickness. Whenever, I receive a new fish from her, I can tell Cynthia puts a lot of time and effort into packaging her fish. Overall, Cynthia sells the most healthy and well cared for fish out of any goldfish seller I have ever bought from or heard of.

Jack L.

I would like to share a few thoughts with all the friends and customers of East Coast Ranchu. I ran into Cynthia's site about a year ago and am fortunate enough to live about an hour away. I've had Goldfish for about 5 years now and am a huge fan of the Ranchu. Love their look, personalities, goofiness, etc.. I will confess that I'm not an expert fish keeper, but have learned, and am still learning along the way. And with that being said, unfortunately, I have lost fish due to not being neglectful, but just not knowing. This is where Cynthia comes in and why I think she is awesome as a person. She is just not a breeder. When I talk to her about the little guys and gals, she talks with passion and loves them all. She more than goes out of her way to answer all questions pertaining to my fishes' health and well being and answers them immediately if I'm not there in person. The people that have bought fish from Cynthia, you know what I'm talking about. And for the people who are thinking about it, I highly suggest her fish. I've been there many times and see first hand how these guys are taking care of. They are active, healthy, vibrant and there is a reason for that. That would be her passion them. Thanks for everything, Cynthia. See you soon..:) Jack L.

Jessica M.

Hi Cynthia, The fish made it here alive and well! Thank you so much for taking the extra steps and time to make sure they arrived happy and alive. It's rare finding someone who puts so much time and effort into their fish and really cares about their wellbeing rather than pure profit, you are a true inspiration! And thank you so much for the baby oranda's! They are absolutely adorable! Right now I have them in a 10 gallon quarantine that's filled about half way. Again I can't thank you enough for the care you've taken with these fish!! Jessica M.

Amy R.

Kind words of support I know you are incredibly busy, and you don't even know me, but I just wanted to write that I. Cannot. Believe. the utter bs you've had to deal with. I am SO thankful I did my research before buying my fish, and count my lucky stars that I only/will only have fish from US breeders. I feel sooooo fortunate to have recognized the importance of this before I even bought my first fish! Ugh it seriously makes me ill to think about the utter depravity of some people, *especially* when it comes to the treatment of helpless animals. Anyway, you're the best! I know you can't comment on it, but seriously big props for sticking up for yourself and you have got a loyal customer for life here! 🏄🏻


Amy R.


Hello Cynthia, My name is Maranda, and I have been a big fan of you and your business for a long while, but I'm just now getting the courage to email you about your chubbycheeker-wigglebutts. I understand if you're busy, I know you're a one woman team! Just hope to hear from you soon :) I imagine there are no easy days of work for you, I just wanted to let you know that you have my support, and that you're an amazing person. I really hope I get the chance to meet you some day :D keep doing what you do! And give your personal waterbabies some loves for me hehe have a good day. Thank you for doing what you do, and keep at it, I'm honored to be in this hobby community with you :D have a wonderful night/day <3


Dear ECR fans, Recently I bought 4 baby ranchus from Cynthia. Sadly after a week exactly to the day, one did not survive. I message her right away sharing my sad news. To my surprise, she called me! Thank you Cynthia for your call. Even though I was sad, I felt a bit elevated after talking to you. I learned a lot from our conversation. I will adopt your regime from now on. I wish I'm nearby so I can learn first hand from you. I must say, after I put down the phone, it dawned on me...Wow! Cynthia just called. This is first class personal treatment. Never ever anybody I know get this kind of treatment just for a fish. It shows that you really care about the babies even after they had left the nest. Then I remembered you said you took care of them since they were eggs! I understood completely. This is the best experience I had so far. I hope you and East Coast Ranchu are going to be here forever. sincerely,
Kalamazoo MI

13 - 24

Kori S.

I just wanted to say to anyone looking to purchase goldfish from ECR.... I have been buying goldfish online for the last seven years-- from aquabid, ebay, private breeders, auctions you name it--and I've never had such a thorough, speedy, and considerate transaction. From multiple high resolution pictures of her fish, to excellent videos that allow you to see the fish in motion. Both of these things mean everything to someone looking to purchase goldfish online. A big thank you to ECR for all the effort you've put into your hobby. It really shows <3 Kori S.

Tira M.

I am thrilled about my new babies!!! Thank you Cynthia. @eastcoastranchu never have I imagine to own Thai orandas. I love that you breed them in the US and can allow fellow goldfish enthusiastic to own some. Many Thai orandas cost $150+ each for imports. You have created a door for US goldfish lovers to enjoy goldfish keeping without the high end cost. Thank you!! Tira M.

John H.

I just got my little lemonhead baby and I could not be happier. The service was exceptional , the one on one personal service is rare these days. Thank you again for everything ! if I am in need of another baby , and well once you get addicted to these guys when do you not need another one ? I will make sure you are the first stop I make. =) John H.

Claire S.B.

I am thrilled with the 5 adorable baby ranchus I received today! They seem to be happy and very healthy...really looking forward to getting them in the main tank :) For anyone considering ordering East Coast Ranchu--you will not regret it. Cynthia is great to work with and the fish are outstanding. Many thanks and best wishes, ECR!!! Claire S.B.

Donna B.

Hello, got my 4 babies...I love them....they arrived and are happy, I will post pics tomorrow, figure leave them to get adjusted.
I did just as you said on your instructions. You really take care in the packing and shipping of your ranchu's. I know I will be back soon for more. Thanks again ! Donna B.

Jeremy C.

Just saw this Wednesdays unboxing vid....folks these Ranchu get unbagged and sent directly to your heart! My little Maxwell, a beautiful red & white boy ...makes me smile every time I peer into my tank! Healthy, sweet, and just a ray of sunshine.....folks do yourself the favor and purchase from East Coast'll find peace, love and harmony looking back at you from a plastic shipping bag! Jeremy C.

Ryan W. W.

Hey! I ordered the Sakura last week, and you shipped her out last night. I just wanted you to know she arrived in perfect condition, and is swimming around in the adjusting bucket right now. She's beautiful! 110% satisfied, especially with all the information you provided me. I would not hesitate to recommend you or order from you again. Ryan W. W.

Mary S.

Sorry, I'm so late writing about the 4 ranchus but again the best deal, no diseases, nice fat chubbies with tons of personality and lots of expert advice no more than an IM or email away. Thank you for sharing these beautiful babies with me. Mary S.

Alina B.

I know you're super busy and probably get a ton of messages. I just wanted to take the time to say how much I admire the care and dedication you have. You're the best breeder I've come across and I wish I had an ounce of the knowledge you have. Remarkable work. Keep it up. Alina B.

Anthony R.

East Coast Ranchu Rocks! I received my order of 8 ranchu goldfishes about 2 weeks ago. It came in a nicely packaged and a very detailed instructions on what to do next. After opening the packaged, I was shocked of how much care that goes through on ensuring the fishes arrives healthy and safe. The fishes are carefully bagged with a special plastic that allows oxygen in and carbon dioxide out. And the water is conditioned as well. I have ordered from a different goldfish breeder from the past and the amount of care is no where near the level of East Coast Ranchu offered. Lastly, the fishes are so big and so FAT! They came in nearly doubled the size in comparison to the ranchus I ordered from a different breeder. East Coast Ranchu is the only breeder I came across with that allows the buyer choose the fishes you want via pictures and videos. Most breeders hand select the fish for you and hope that the fish they selected comes in good form, color, and color pattern matches your desired. Over all, I was very exhilarated with my purchase and trying to contain myself from ordering more. For now, I will see how fast and how big I can raise these babies. Anthony R.

Allison K

Hi Cynthia :D I am a follower of your facebook page and love looking drooling over your adorable ranchus! I found out about east coast ranchu through kokosgoldfish (I’m a member/subscriber) and everyone that has placed an order with you is always extremely happy not only with the quality of ranchus, but with how awesome you are to work with and how passionate you are about your goldies. I can’t wait to buy my next goldfish from you!!!!! Allison K

Paige H.

Hi! My fish have arrived! Four!! Thank you! They all arrived alive and they are acclimating as recommended in your care sheet. The FedEx guy was perplexed first at my excitement and then at the notion that the box I was so excited about contained live fish. All four fish are alert and wiggly and look very happy to be out of their bags. Thanks Cynthia, I have been a fish hobbyist for almost 30 years. My interest in goldfish is fairly recent, and I had thought that my living in a very rural area would mean that I was limited to goldfish available at the big box chain store 45 minutes away. I am delighted to find an ethical breeder who ships fish safely and offers well-cared for, healthy fish. Paige H.

25 - 36

Allison & Randall

Thank you so much for the wonderful care and detail that went into the shipping process!!!!our new baby arrived healthy and happy !!!he is doing amazing in his new home !!! We look forward to many more additions !!! Thank you again !!!we will highly recommend East Coast Ranchu!! Allison & Randall

Kat W.

I just wanted to let you know the goldfish arrived safe and sound and is wiggling about like nobody's business. Thank you for shipping so quickly, for providing quality fish, for providing background information, and just everything you do. I will, 100%, order from you again (if I upgrade to a 75). I am beyond happy with my fish and am so glad you do what you do. Kat W.

Donnie L.

Cynthia! Wonderful job! My buddies are here and they are quite active and sassy. I can't thank you enough as I personally know how much time and effort goes into raising goldfish. Your packaging was amazing as well! Although these are my first mail order fish, their quality far out shines anything I have ever found throughout the Atlanta area. I'm over the moon! Thank you so much! I will be purchasing more asap! Sincerely, Donnie L.

Rob B.

Trust me Cynthia, you have some of the healthiest and most beautiful fish I have seen online and/or in pet stores. I came close to ordering an imported calico ranchu a few weeks ago online from a trusted business, but you have set the "ECR standard" for fish breeding and selling. I just was not convinced they were as healthy as the way you would raise them.

I need your calicos to grow baby grow! :) Who knows, a Stewie baby may still be in my future as well.

Rob B.

Rebecca M.

Hi Cynthia, Thank you so much for being so fast and efficient. It's always a pleasure doing business with you! The care sheet is incredibly helpful, and I appreciate everything you do to produce such beautiful, healthy ranchus! Best,
Rebecca M.

Andy M.

Hi Cynthia, Well the little guys made it here in excellent condition! I gotta say you're very sneaky or you miscounted cause I had a few more little "bonuses" in there! Thanks you very much that was very kind of you! They've all been acclimated and look excellent. Your packaging was perfect and your communication even better. I have bought and had fish shipped to me before from an importer and it was very difficult. You were 100%. Thank you. I thought I was crazy about these fish but you may have me beat. I hope to do business again someday, although Canada says I can't import for another 90 days. Shucks. Speaking of, coming through the border was a breeze for any other Canadian customers asking. I just had that form pre filled out and they basically waved me through. I've been watching your stuff online for quite a while, and been very impressed. Anyhow sorry for the novel, I just thought you would like to know. Kind regards, Andy M.


Hello Cynthia,
I have so much respect for what you do, thank you for all you do for the hobby. This ranchu literally brings me to tears, s/he will be loved. Thank you for all you do, Nisi

Dean H.

Thank you so much, Cynthia for everything that you have done for the hobby and fish community. Dean

Corinne D.

Hi Cynthia, Everything is going well, our new fin baby arrived safe and is the "large temp" acclimating tub we prepared for him. His QT tank was around 76* and he came in at 72* He is swimming around, active and already begging for food, but don't worry I know well enough not to feed him tonight. He is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much for the time and care you put into these fish, it truly shows. I'm not a stranger to fancy Goldfish by any stretch of the means, but I never had them shipped in breather bags before. Thank you for your clear instructions as we studied them well before he arrived and everything is looking great and we are so pleased with our newest family member. My son has already named him Dewey because he fell in love with your Stewie, and he was excited that we have his offspring. Thank you so much again!! We will definitely be back again once we finally finish our big fish room!! Have a wonderful night! Corinne D.

Sal S.

Cynthia I admire the dedication you put in your fish . I love your work . Your an amazing person. I just want to say thank you. I appreciate everything you do for the community. I look up to you. I love your passion for goldfish. Hopefully one day I can produce beautiful fish like you. Your my idol and I love your work.

Kellie M.

Some of my ECR's gathering up for nom noms! I'd like to just take a moment to say thanks to such a wonderful, dedicated, and most of all passionate breeder of these silly little wiggle butts. 😉😊 Let's not forget this is a one woman show here with a full time career doing more than enough for the hobby and goldfish community. When people think I'm the weird fish lady I simply say, "You should meet my breeder!" 😂😜 👏👏👏 Kellie M.


I know you are very busy with work plus taking good care of your fishes. I don't know how you do it but keep it up! You're an inspiration to us goldfish hobbyists. Don't mind the haters :) have a wonderful day! Roscoe

37 - 48

Betty G.

Hi Cynthia, I can't tell you how much I enjoy your water babies. Always healthy & so friendly. My nephew has kidnapped quite a few of my guys. He has tanks all over his new little apartment filled with ECR Betty G.

Sarah D. | from Seattle

I couldn't be happier with the quality of the fish that I purchased from East Coast Ranchu. I bought a mix of ranchus and orandas and they are all beautiful active fish. The customer experience was excellent, from the opportunity to choose my fish from a live stream video through to the high-quality packaging using Kordon bags and ongoing communication during the delivery process. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from East Coast Ranchu again Sarah Dillingham, Seattle

Yancy G

Good Evening Cynthia, I apologize for the late email, but I just wanted you to know that my fish arrived safe and to be honest the pictures and live video stream did these fish no justice! THEY ARE TEN TIMES MORE AMAZING and breathtaking in real life. I am eternally grateful for your fish and I promise that I will try my best to take as good care for them as you have. I can only imagine how hard it has to be for you to let these guys go! Again, I am grateful that you did! Your care and attention to detail with the packaging and handling of these fish is like no other. I have had fish shipped to me before, but you my friend, have just reset the bar, and as high as this bar is now, I don't think I will be able to buy fish from anyone else... EVER! Thanks again, and I will shoot you some pic's from time to time, so you can see how your babies are doing! THANK YOU for such an amazing box of CHUBBY little joyful fish! Best regards from a "NEW" lifetime customer, Yancy G

Vanessa H.

Hi Cynthia, Just wanted to let you know that the beautiful calico oranda arrived safely and is now happily swimming in the tank. She seems no worse for wear of the long journey. What a beauty! It was an especial surprise to see she has one black eye and one orange … so unique and lovely. Thanks again for the good work you do. Think of the joy you bring to so many of us who do not have room to keep fish the way you do. It is such a pleasure to purchase healthy fish from you, that are raised with such care and dedication. Thanks! I LOVE my water babies! Vanessa H.

Andy | from Canada

Hi Cynthia, Well the little guys made it here in excellent condition! I gotta say you're very sneaky or you miscounted cause I had a few more little "bonuses" in there! Thanks you very much that was very kind of you! They've all been acclimated and look excellent. Your packaging was perfect and your communication even better. I have bought and had fish shipped to me before from an importer and it was very difficult. You were 100%. Thank you. I'm looking forward to see what all the little guys turn into! I've personally only successfully bred one ranchu which is now about 4 months old and about the same size as the "breeder" I got from you. He's had very special treatment and is growing fast! I'm guessing the "breeder" I bought is a female? I wouldn't hold you to it, I figured this particular one you might know. Either way, I can't thank you enough. I thought I was crazy about these fish but you may have me beat. I hope to do business again someday, although Canada says I can't import for another 90 days. Shucks. Speaking of, coming through the border was a breeze for any other Canadian customers asking. I just had that form pre filled out and they basically waved me through. I've been watching your stuff online for quite a while, and been very impressed. Anyhow sorry for the novel, I just thought you would like to know. Kind regards, Andy Canada

Jeff D.

Hi Cynthia,

I just wanted to let you know I was able to pick the ranchus up around 11:30 this morning, and they are perfect. We got them across the border without any questions at all. They are currently slowly acclimating as per your instructions. The Kordon bags are truly amazing things!

Thanks so much for your efforts. There is a local aquarium society here that has been around for decades and if anyone asks me about my fish, I'll be certain to refer them to you. I'll send you photos of my ranchus once they're settled in to their new home too!

Jeff D.

Aubree | from Alabama

I'm sorry to bother you but I just need to say that I really appreciate how thorough your instructions are whilst simultaneously dropping "GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND" everywhere. I can't even tell you how many times a day I want to look at people and tell them to just google things. I run a guinea pig rescue and you are probably one of very few people that would understand the level of stupid I put up with on a daily basis. It genuinely blows my mind sometimes. Since I'm emailing you anyway I might as well add. I AM SO EXCITED. This is a dream come true for me and thank you so much for breeding such gorgeous fish. Thank you for the detailed instructions. ~Aubree