Thai Oranda Babies now available for sale! Refer to the video below to see the parents. These young orandas still have their wild baby color. With the right environment and proper grooming, they will grow just as beautiful and chunky like mom (White Lemonhead) and dad (Blue).

Thai Oranda Goldfish Baby Starter Set

Item Code THOR-8

Set of 8 *Size 1 inch ~ $99.95

Ships in Box size #1

Item Code THOR-18

Set of 18 *Size 1 inch ~ $199.95

Ships in Box size #3

Item Code THOR-30

Set of 30 *Size 1 inch ~ $299.95

Ships in Box size #4


NOPE. Not sold in singles at this size.

No Individual Photos / they all look the same.

You're buying young uncolored juvenile goldfish. 

These are Hobby Grade Quality with split tails.

Please make sure to read the Purchase Guidelines carefully before you proceed with an order. When you're ready, kindly fill out the ORDER FORM. Use the item codes above when placing your order.


*This package cannot be combined with other offers, coupon codes or promotional discounts.

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