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Minimum Order: 2

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The person unboxing her goldfish in this video is not looking to enter any of the "hundreds" of goldfish beauty pageants all over the US. She's not concerned about the standards or winning a championship medal. She's a true goldfishlover, one of many who knows that all living creatures deserve to be treated with kindness and dignity. Now, some fishkeepers and high-horse-riding-posers would argue I'm a lesser mortal for distributing goldfish that doesn't meet their rules and standards. But that argument aside - these are goldfish that need good homes and there are good homes out there looking for goldfish. It's that simple. When you're saving a life, rules are secondary.


Listed below are goldfish 6 months to 1 year+ with minor and combination genetic flaws. These are standard quality Petgrade to Hobby grade goldfish w/ obvious imperfections (symmetry, finnage and/or conformation) but are otherwise healthy & will make fun members of your goldfish 'squad'. Due to a very tight schedule and long demanding hours, I admit that I don't consistently do an exceptional job culling baby fish.  Case in point (CLICK HERE)

Some juveniles can get overlooked while in the grow out tubs. By the time I spot them, they're bigger, full of life in spite of their flaws. I keep these guys knowing that one day they'll go to forever homes. If you decide to take one in, you're giving these goldfish the gift of life. Even if they don't meet the standards or come with prestige. 

Please read the FAQs at the bottom of the page before your proceed with an order.





Includes 3 PetGrade Ranchu | Size 3.5 to 4+ inches | Item Code: 3BPG

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Can you include a video?

Sorry. Just photos, no videos. The ECR to-do-list is long. I just can't put in the extra time & energy to take individual videos then do a lengthy back and forth selection process; I have to prioritize essential fishroom workload versus this.

But I want to see a video.

No. Videos. If you feel it's a questionable deal I recommend your nearest LFS as an alternative. You save on shipping costs and get to see the fish you want. But if you can trust me rest assured I'll only ship healthy fish.

What if I paid you extra to make me a video?

Please use the extra funds to upgrade to a bigger tank so that these guys will be comfortable or if you already have a huge tank, kindly use the extra funds to invest on a preventive medication kit. 


Are these good swimmers?

I will only list fish that I determine swims fine. I make no guarantees that they will be strong swimmers. I'll indicate if a goldfish has any swimming handicaps or if it requires shallow water only.


Will this be good beginner fish?

Please. For the love of God, hold off on an ECR goldfish purchase if you've only just began goldfishkeeping. I can't stress this enough. $39.95 is not equivalent to the aggravation, pain and suffering the goldfish and I have to put up with if you don't fully understand the concept of Quarantine, Water Changes and Accountability. 

Is there a minimum order?

Note that I have set the price point lower for these goldfish but the MINIMUM ORDER for me to take the time and resources to package and ship is 2. However if you're doing a LOCAL PICK UP of your goldfish, there's no Minimum Order.


Can I combine my orders?

Yes, you can combine your order with any goldfish listed for sale all across the website.

Can I get a discount?

There are no discounts. But if there's room in the box I will include 1 or 2 free fish. 

Kindly fill out the Order Form when you're ready to proceed.


To view the Budget Corner SOLD ARCHIVE click here.

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