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PLEASE read the STORE POLICIES before placing an order. Most questions are already answered there. Fill out this form when you're ready to proceed. 


For beginner goldfishkeepers take a moment to read THIS NOTE before you proceed.

For difficult customers take a moment to read THIS NOTE before you proceed.

If you're undecided, please read this page: LINK

Once an order is placed you should automatically receive a COPY of your Order Form and an Acknowledgement email like this: LINK. If you don't receive a response within 24 hours of placing your order, it's possible you entered an invalid email address, a misspelled email address or the email server has marked your email address as unsafe or spam. Whether it's a technical glitch or not please keep in mind this security function is beyond my control. Nothing personal. I normally check my spam folder every few days to see if any Shipping Inquiries or Order Forms got lost in there. If you don't receive an invoice after 24 hrs, kindly resubmit your order. Try using a different email address. 


For a quick, smooth & problem-free transaction kindly limit questions to just the purchase related information i.e; shipping, total. #NoHassleNoDrama You'll receive instructions for payment afterwards. For general goldfishkeeping inquiries please join the goldfish forums or #GoogleIsYourFriend. 

For Yahoo or Hotmail Account Holders

Always check your SPAM folder and make sure that the domain eastcoastranchu.com is on your whitelist.

For AOL Email Account Holders

Unfortunately AOL is an outdated email service with obsolete security protocols and program limitations. If you're not receiving ECR emails, Shipping Rates, Order Invoices, or Tracking Information - this is an AOL issue. Be advised that AOL is notorious for arbitrarily blocking or discarding emails that other leading email providers readily accept. I strongly recommend using a different email address other than AOL.

Attention Tire Kickers

If you have 2 consecutive outstanding invoices in the past that you didn't pay - you will not be allowed to shop ECR no matter how many times you fill out a new Order Form. In order to make a purchase and establish credibility -- all you have to do is send an ADVANCE NON-REFUNDABLE payment for the goldfish before you place your next order.

Attention Problem Customers

Please remember: It costs $0.00 to be a decent human being.

If you placed an order but after more than 72 hours have yet to receive an invoice or a message or even a smoke signal from me - it's possible in a previous transaction you crossed the line with your Power Trip and/or automatically presumed that I work for you. Or you're a new customer openly being difficult and entitled. Newsflash: I don't work for you. 😘 Good luck and have a good life 👍

School Institution or Company Email Users

Be aware that most businesses and organizations automatically block non-employee or non-school related correspondence as a security measure to protect email accounts from undesired access and mishandling. In which case any East Coast Ranchu inbound messages meant for you are bounced back to me. Please use your personal email address instead of your company or school email.



You can use your credit or debit card to make a PayPal payment even without a PayPal account. Sign in to PayPal and send payment to eastcoastranchu@gmail.com.

Direct Debit Card *ECR Preferred

Send payment to https://cash.me/$eastcoastranchu


Debit/Credit Card (add 3%)

Please request for a Card Payment Invoice

Bank of America (Bank to Bank Transfer)

Just download the BOA app to your smartphone and send payment to eastcoastranchu@gmail.com.

Square CASH APP Transfer

Just download the Square Cash app to your smartphone and send payment to eastcoastranchu

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Just download the Venmo app to your smartphone and send payment to eastcoastranchu

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Just download the Google Pay app to your smartphone and send payment to eastcoastranchu@gmail.com

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Just download the Zelle app to your smartphone and send payment to eastcoastranchu@gmail.com