ECR understands it's in most people's DNA not to read instructions. For the sake of ALL involved including the goldfish kindly take a moment to read the following Terms & Conditions of Sale before you proceed with an order. Your in store purchase constitutes your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions. East Coast Ranchu reserves the right to modify, alter, amend or change the Terms & Conditions of Sale without advance notice.

Placing an Order

Goldfish available for sale are currently listed in the Goldfish for Sale galleries. After you have reviewed them, note down your final selections. When you're ready to order, please fill out the ORDER FORM. Standby for a reply with the summary cost and instructions for payment.

  • Service Policy: FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED
  • For a quick, smooth & problem-free transaction kindly limit questions on the form to just the purchase related information i.e; shipping, total. #NoHassleNoDrama
  • Please READ the website. Most of your questions are already THOROUGHLY answered in detail here. Please read it even if you hate reading - its here to save us all time.
  • If you decide to add another goldfish with your purchase, please make sure to fill out the Order Form for every additional order.
  • All orders are FINAL. No swapping will be entertained once an order is paid. Please check the goldfish details twice before placing the order.
  • Please be patient, I work during the day & at times respond afterhours or late at night.
  • Kindly refrain from requesting for shipping quotations or texting questions to my cellphone. It will be difficult to conduct business and track the progress of an order via SMS.
  • At this time, the ONLY goldfish available for sale are the ones listed online. If it's not on the list it's not for sale. Due to a very tight schedule I'm unable to accommodate Special Orders.
  • If you're a repeat buyer + have an idea of your estimate shipping cost + familiar with my process, please go ahead and send payment. FILL OUT the Order Form per usual with a note that you have sent payment.
  • Attention Tire Kickers: If you have 2 consecutive outstanding invoices in the past that you didn't pay - you will not be allowed to shop ECR. In order to make a purchase and establish credibility -- all you have to do is send an ADVANCE payment for the goldfish when you place your next order.
  • If you're a Beginner Goldfishkeeper take a moment to read: THIS NOTE before you proceed with an order.
  • This is how the goldfish are measured:

Goldfishkeeping 101 is not included

I only sell goldfish, goldfish meds and provide free Sick Fish Consultation for ECR goldfish. That's it, nothing else. If you're a beginner and you love this hobby, please do your RESEARCH before you proceed. Goldfishkeeping care & basic information is available all over the web and the forums. #GoogleIsYourFriend

Payments Accepted

PayPal *You can use your credit or debit card to make a PayPal payment even without a PayPal account. Sign in to PayPal and send payment to Direct Debit Card (ECR Preferred) Send payment to$eastcoastranchu Debit/Credit Card (add 3%) *Please request for a Card Payment Invoice Bank of America (Bank to Bank Transfer) Just download the BOA app to your smartphone and send payment to Square CASH APP Transfer *Just download the Square Cash app to your smartphone and send payment to eastcoastranchu VENMO APP Transfer *Just download the Venmo app to your smartphone & send payment to eastcoastranchu Google Pay APP Transfer (links to all US Banks) Just download the Google Pay app to your smartphone & send payment to Zelle APP Transfer (links to all US Banks) Just download the Zelle app to your smartphone & send payment to Service Policy: FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. Once payment is completed, you will get access to the Care History Information regarding your goldfish and your order will be scheduled for Tuesday 10pm shipping. Tracking Information will be emailed AFTER MIDNIGHT on the night of shipment.


If you see a goldfish you like and would prefer to RESERVE it while you continue "shopping" you can send a reservaton payment (full amount of the fish $ excluding shipping) to paypal account I will then mark your goldfish RESERVED. The balance payment for Shipping is DUE by Sunday (I only ship Tuesdays/Wednesdays). Once a goldfish is fully paid, it will be marked SOLD.

NOTE: I will not HOLD or RESERVE a goldfish without a reservation payment. Whether you're a new customer or a repeat customer - there are NO exceptions. I strictly follow an HONOR system - whoever pays first gets the goldfish. It's not about you being a "Good Paying Customer". It's human nature to change one's mind specially when money is involved and in the sales business, people change their minds more often than you think. Throwing a fit and getting hostile doesn't hold weight with me. Think about this: If you're the first customer to pay, how would you feel if I gave the fish to the second buyer?
In order for this to be a hassle-free transaction I have to impose the rules. I strongly advise that once you receive an invoice, send payment immediately so you don't miss out on the goldfish you want.

Placing Holds

Once payment is made, your goldfish are transferred to a separate holding tank to prepare them for shipment or local pickup. But if you will be out of town or would like to place an advance order - I will only hold YOUR GOLDFISH for 7 DAYS. Full Payment is due immediately. Fees apply on extended holds requiring me to house, feed and care for them beyond 7 days ($2 per day per goldfish). Note: all orders for shipment are scheduled for Tuesday transit by default. If you request to Place a Hold past the upcoming Tuesday shipment date, The HOLD count starts on the day you sent payment for your order.

Example: An order was paid on Wednesday June 1 which is then automatically scheduled to ship on Tuesday June 6. But the customer requests to hold shipment until the NEXT Tuesday June 13. The holding fees take effect 7 days AFTER the initial payment was made (in this case - 7 days after Wednesday June 1). So from Wednesday June 8 to Tuesday June 13, the Holding Fees will be for a total of 6 days x $2.
*** Goldfish placed on hold are disqualified from any Promotional Discounts. *** Please make sure to read the section Order Cancellations if you're undecided about goldfish orders placed on hold.

General Inquiries

I receive a large volume of emails daily so please be patient if I don't respond immediately. ECR Purchase inquiries and after-sales support will always get PRIORITY attention over general goldfishkeeping questions. Understand that I do have a busy private life & other commitments. My profession (multimedia) requires a lot of overtime and occasionally I’m in the field or out of town with my crew. I highly recommend that you join online goldfishkeeping forums or the many goldfish groups on Facebook to learn more about goldfish care.

• Questions regarding my set-up, parameters & regimen will be addressed in detail in the Care History Information and Support pages which is only accessible AFTER payment is complete.

• Regarding SICK FISH: Due to a tight schedule I'm unable to provide ONE-ON-ONE consultation for sick fish unless it's a fish you purchased directly from me. For consultations on sick ECR Goldfish please fill out the Sick Fish Consultation Form on the Member Portal page.

• To determine gender please Google "goldfish tubercles or goldfish breeding stars". I've made it a policy NEVER to answer gender questions EVER again after getting relentlessly abused online over inaccuracies. The fish I post are young and some have not yet reached sexual maturity so it's easy to mistake a male for a female.

• If you have a General Inquiry and you're not getting immediate response from me - it's either of the following:

•• you're unfortunately contacting me at a busy time while I'm in the middle of juggling 15 things. Also note that Tuesdays & Wednesdays are days when I have to rush home from work to package and ship fish.

•• your inquiry is already addressed on the website, you just need to look it up

•• you're sending inquiries via my Social Media accounts regarding information that's already detailed carefully on the website. If you have online access then you should be able to see the website When a customer deliberately refuses to read website guidelines or skips the forms - it's a red flag for me. I worry that there's a tendency to ignore fundamental protocols related to goldfish care and management. As such, I prefer not to deal with potential "problem" customers.

•• your inquiry is buried under a multitude of other emails I have to prioritize

•• you have a Service Inquiry and I don't provide that service. I only sell goldfish.

•• you're asking about Proprietary and Trade Information which I'm not going to disclose. Please do your own research.

•• I have a rule: if your inquiry can easily be searched online - I will not respond.

•• If it seems I'm ignoring you after you've reached out multiple times, please take a moment to read the page in reference to "Difficult Customers" here: LINK

Local Pickups

I don't have a physical storefront. I have a fishroom in the basement of MY HOME. If you live near 07104, you can order the goldfish online and come pick up in person (by appointment / weekends only AFTER 2PM). Once I receive your order payment, I will send you pickup instructions. Our time is just as valuable as yours so PLEASE be on time for your scheduled pickup appointment.

In order to ensure a sufficiently safe, sterile environment customer walk-ins are no longer allowed in the fishroom and the greenhouse. This is a standard precaution meant to safeguard the health of current livestock and reduce the risk of transmission of viable pathogens from unknown sources. Harmful bacteria can easily be transmitted through hand contact of potentially contaminated surfaces, particulate matter or substances. Even 1 foreign microorganism can cause an outbreak. There are no exceptions to this policy.

By the same token, I can't bring the fish outside the front entrance of my house for "just a quick look". I already provided photos and videos online to help you make an informed decision.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you live near 07104 and you're within an hour's drive away -- the goldfish you purchase is only available for Local Pickup. I don't want to unnecesarily subject the fish to 24 hrs of travel in a Trailer Truck if they can easily be picked up.

Order Cancellation

Goldfish Orders:

Please think carefully and be sure you want the fish before placing an order. Cancellations are extremely INCONVENIENT. Whenever an order is placed and I accommodate you (i.e; back & forth correspondence, providing you access to proprietary ECR information, preparing and maintaining the isolation holding tub, providing preventive medication prior to shipment or pickup) I'm using valuable time & effort. It also turns away potential buyers after a goldfish is marked "SOLD".

If you order a goldfish then cancel the order before shipment or local pickup collection - there are 2 options available for you:

•Option 1• You will be charged a cancellation fee of 15% FROM THE TOTAL TRANSACTION AMOUNT. Unfortunately, whatever is the reason for cancellation I won't accept future orders.

•Option 2• You will receive a Store Credit or an eGift Card equivalent to the TOTAL TRANSACTION AMOUNT of your cancelled purchase. This must be redeemed within 90 days of issuance.

Goldfish Orders Placed on Hold:

•Option 1• You will be charged a cancellation fee of 15% FROM THE TOTAL TRANSACTION AMOUNT plus holding fees will be applied on "Goldfish Orders Placed on Hold" that are subsequently cancelled.

•Option 2• You will receive a Store Credit or an eGift Card equivalent to the TOTAL TRANSACTION AMOUNT of your cancelled purchase excluding the holding fees. This must be redeemed within 90 days of issuance.

Promotional Baby Goldfish Starter Set Orders:

All Promotional Baby Goldfish Starter Set orders are final and non-refundable. If you decide to cancel your order you will be issued either Store Credit or an eGift Card equivalent to the TOTAL TRANSACTION AMOUNT of your cancelled purchase. This Store Credit or eGift Card must be redeemed within 90 days from the date of issuance. No portion of the Store Credit or eGift Card balances will be redeemed for cash. The Store Credit or eGift Card cannot be combined with any Promotional Offers or Discounts.

Why the Cancellation Fees?

I value my time and energy as I'm sure you do yours. In a perfect world all transactions would be hassle-free. Generally people don't intend to waste time but the reality is there are selfish Time Vampires who consider my time less valuable than theirs, that whatever I'm doing is unimportant and easily interrupted. But time wasted is time I can never get back. I want to avoid and spare us both the pain of this process but more than that - I have to protect my business so we can all move on with our day.

Medication Orders:

Order Cancellation Policy: Orders can be cancelled only if the medication has not yet shipped out. As long as the meds are in my facility they're in a controlled and hygienic environment. Once they ship out, the integrity of the drug is unmonitored. Medication orders cannot be cancelled once they are in transit.

Return Policy: Exposure to heat and humidity while in Return Transit is a risk and can cause degradation or affect efficacy. This is a health and safety concern for livestock therefore the medications cannot be returned or repurposed even if they're not opened. ECR cannot be held responsible in case there is a possible adulteration of returned medication. As such, returned medications will be disposed of immediately and no refunds will be issued.

Promotional Discounts

The following rules apply to all Promotional Discounts:

  • ECR Pomotional Offers, Giveaways, Coupons and Discounts cannot be combined together or with other promotional discounts.
  • Offers may change, be modified or cancelled at anytime without notice.
  • Goldfish placed ON HOLD, Pet Shop Grade goldfish and goldfish sold in Sets including Baby Starter Sets are disqualified from any Promotional Discounts.
  • Promotional Discounts do not apply on eGift Card Purchases.

If You're A Minor

In compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection ACT (COPPA) be advised that I require Verifiable Parental Consent if you want to purchase a goldfish. All communications during the payment process will ONLY be conducted with a Parent or Guardian responsible for funding the transaction; you will be carbon-copied with each correspondence. There are no EXCEPTIONS. Age misrepresentation or trying to impersonate someone else may result in a permanent BAN from this page.

Order Issues

Please communicate with me if you have a problem with your order. I'm a reasonable person and open to resolving issues. You have my hotline and email address. If the issue is urgent - I will call you. If you see an incoming New York or Private Call it must be me.

Buyer Etiquette

• I'm not just a vendor, I'm a HUMAN BEING. Sometimes buyers tend to go on a "power trip" mindset thinking I should constantly bend over backwards and accommodate requests to an extent in order to get your business. I'm a good person and deserve to be treated better. Like you, I'm a goldfish hobbyist intensely passionate about what I do. Long hours, money, effort and resources were invested on ECR goldfish. I won't tolerate any act of condescending verbal abuse.

• My time is just as VALUABLE as yours. I sincerely ask that you avoid wasting my time or yours by asking 100 questions without ANY intention of buying.

• Email messages will never convey the exact emotion behind words. When you message me and I reply in a short, formal fashion - it's not because I'm being unfriendly or insincere. I'm just methodical and precise. This is how I am in Business Mode and in most cases I will skip the small talk to focus on your transaction and OTHER customers who need my attention. This is why I insist that customers read instructions first before placing an order. I go through a lot of ECR messages and have to respond to as many as I can in the limited amount of time I have available so I can move on to the next customer before I pass out and go to bed.

I ask for consideration, don't take it in offense or diminish ECR by using it as an online target practice. I'll make mistakes along the way but in every purchase transaction I try my best to keep the process strictly business. At the end of the day, all I want is a smooth and quick transaction. If you want to get to know me when I'm not in "Business Mode" visit my Instagram page. It's where I can "chill" and just enjoy sharing with the goldfish community.

Financial Liability

ECR holds no financial liability for any loss/death/injury/illness that occurs after a LIVE ARRIVAL. Live Guarantee is fulfilled and the transaction is completed upon your receipt of your LIVE GOLDFISH. Once the fish leaves my facility - I have no control over their environment or welfare. I make no guarantees that EACH goldfish will travel without incident. When you make a purchase from this store:

  • You acknowledge that accidental fin tears, missing scales, minor irritations and even stress-borne illnesses can happen after traveling 24 hrs in a shipping bag.
  • You also acknowledge that you're an experienced fishkeeper and have prior knowledge of preventive or remedial treatment and care of shipped goldfish in the event that your goldfish arrives with issues stemming from transportation and handling.
Ultimately the newly-arrived goldfish's well-being and survival will depend on your level of expertise. If you're a beginner goldfishkeeper and unfamiliar with handling shipped goldfish - I strongly advise against purchasing ECR goldfish.

Shipping Delays

Under no circumstances will East Coast Ranchu be held liable for any delay or failure in performance of the Shipping Carrier (FedEx or UPS) due in whole or in part to any acts of nature or other causes beyond reasonable control.

Shipping delays can happen due to inclement weather, mechanical issues with the plane, dispatch errors from the carrier office or an address label discrepancy. Also be aware, under FedEx's & UPS's shipping Terms and Conditions they hold NO financial liability for the loss/death of live animals when delays occur. Carriers have no obligation to monitor live animal shipments. There are no provisions to care for all kinds of animals, regulate temperature, vibration, shock from routine handling etc. Once you proceed with a purchase you officially ACKNOWLEDGE and ACCEPT that risk.

If any shipping delay occurs - think carefully before you take it out on me. Please keep in mind that I have no control over FedEx or UPS. When you purchase ECR goldfish - my obligation is to provide the goldfish. The carrier's obligation is to provide the shipping service and if there's a service failure from their end this is THEIR responsibility, not ECRs.

For further information regarding ECR's Shipping Policies please review it here: LINK