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Ranchu babies are back and now available for sale! Every year for the past 8 years I've offered promotional ranchu baby starter sets from spring to fall season. If you've missed out on these sets - now's your chance to get a Goldfish Baby Starter Set. There are currently 3 batches of babies. Please note it will be a while before I breed and sell baby starter sets again so don't miss out! Sets will include 8 Standard to Hobby Grade Chinese Calico Ranchus. This set is ideal for EXPERIENCED goldfishkeepers interested in grooming and raising baby ranchu goldfish. 

1. What breed are these ranchus?

  • Chinese Calico Ranchus

2. What colors will I receive?
These ranchus are mostly uncolored juveniles and some will be in midcolor change. Chinese Calico babies may or may not show minimal pigmentation. Colors will come in and intensify AS THE RANCHU GROWS. I CAN'T predict their coloration or WHEN exactly the colors will start coming in. It will depend on genetics, your grooming skills, and the environment that you provide. I have 1 year old ranchus that are still changing color. 

3. Can I choose the ranchus individually?
You'll receive a "STARTER" set that will be preselected for you. You'll receive good specimens that swims well, I won't send out unhealthy fish. 

Sorry but I can't spend time scouring through hundreds of babies individually checking for specific traits; fused or split tails; double or single anal fins; eye distance; or even peduncle shortness or thickness. These are Standard Grade to Hobby Grade quality, not for competition.

4. Can you take videos of the ranchus before they ship?
No videos. Rest assured you'll receive healthy ranchus that have already been given antibacterial and anti-parasitic preventive treatment.


5. Can I order less than the minimum set? No.  


6. After placing an order - can I send you 100 questions on baby care & setup?

No. $99.95 gets you a Starter Set and links to basic care information. If you need specific data or more advanced instructions regarding goldfish care that isn't already covered in the Support Pages I encourage you to do your own research. If this is unacceptable please don't proceed with a purchase.


7. But I only have a few questions?

No. There will be no replies to any care and setup inquiries related to the Starter Set. Keep in mind that East Coast Ranchu is in the business of Commercial Breeding and Goldfish Sales. The rationale should be completely obvious : Proprietary Information (shall include, but not limited to trade secrets, copyrights, techniques, know-how, and/or any other information of any type relating to processes / systems, documentation, recorded data, etc).

8. How much is the shipping fee? 

Fill out the Shipping Quote Request Form >CLICK HERE< Please indicate that you need the shipping quote for the Baby Starter Set. Refer to the item codes below. Note that all Baby Starter Sets will only ship via FedEx Overnight, no exceptions.


9. How can I place an order?

Please make sure to read the Purchase Guidelines carefully before you proceed with an order. When ready, kindly fill out the ORDER FORM. Use the item codes below when placing your order.

Ranchu Baby Starter Set

Set of 8 *Size 1 inch ~ $99.95

Ships in Box size #1 / Overnight Express Only

Item Code:

Set of 6 *Size 1.5 inches ~ $99.95

Ships in Box size #1 / Overnight Express Only

Item Code:

Set of 3 *Size 2.5 inches ~ $99.95

Ships in Box size #1 / Overnight Express Only

Item Code:

*All Promotional Baby Goldfish Starter Set orders are final and non-refundable. For Order Cancellation information please read the Order Cancellation Policy here: LINK


*This promotional set cannot be combined with other offers, coupon codes or promotional discounts.



Live Guarantee is for Overnight Shipping only. A DOA video must be recorded within 15 minutes of arrival and emailed to East Coast Ranchu to file an indemnity claim (fish cost only). Live Guarantee is voided in the event of a shipping delay. Shipping delays can happen due to inclement weather, mechanical issues with the plane, dispatch errors from the carrier office or an address label discrepancy. Also be aware, under FedEx's shipping Terms and Conditions they hold NO financial liability for the loss/death of live animals when delays occur. FedEx has no obligation to monitor live animal shipments. There are no provisions to care for all kinds of animals, regulate temperature, vibration, shock from routine handling etc. Once you proceed with a purchase you officially ACKNOWLEDGE and ACCEPT that risk. If any shipping delay occurs - think carefully before you take it out on me. Please keep in mind that I have no control over FedEx. When you purchase ECR goldfish - my obligation is to provide the goldfish. The carrier's obligation is to provide the shipping service and if there's a service failure from their end this is THEIR responsibility, not ECRs.

For more information on ECR's LIVE GUARANTEE policy please read the Shipping Policies here: LINK

ECR holds no financial liability for any loss/death/injury/illness that occurs after a LIVE ARRIVAL. Live Guarantee is fulfilled and the transaction is completed upon your receipt of your LIVE GOLDFISH. Once the fish leaves my facility - I have no control over their environment or welfare. I make no guarantees that EACH goldfish will travel without incident. When you make a purchase from this store:


  • You acknowledge that accidental fin tears, missing scales, minor irritations and even stress-borne illnesses can happen after traveling 24 hrs in a shipping bag.

  • You also acknowledge that you're an experienced fishkeeper and have prior knowledge of ​preventive or remedial treatment & care of shipped goldfish in the event that your goldfish arrives with issues stemming from transportation and handling.


Ultimately the newly-arrived goldfish's well-being and survival will depend on your level of expertise. If you're a beginner goldfishkeeper and unfamiliar with handling shipped goldfish - I strongly ​advise against purchasing ECR goldfish.


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