The ECR Sick Fish Consultation is provided FREE of Charge to customers who have purchased an ECR goldfish (upto 3 Consultations per customer). This service is limited only to goldfish purchased from ECR. Unfortunately I can't give you advise on goldfish you've purchased from another store.

If you're currently experiencing issues with your goldfish, I will REQUIRE photos/videos and a completed Form before I can help. If you fill out the form without submitting photos/videos I won't reply. If you send a message directly to my Gmail, Instagram or Facebook account regarding a sick goldfish I will always and automatically redirect you to this page. I'll give you my time if you give me the courtesy of yours and respect my process.


Please upload :


  • a close up picture of any visible and evident signs of ailment (lesions, spots, bleeding, swelling, tear, discoloration etc)

  • a minimum 1 minute-video if the problem is behavioral (lethargy, swimming disorder, clamped fins, piping at the surface etc). Please don't send me a still picture if the problem is behavioral. I need to see the video.


All the information I require below refers to the MAIN tank or system where the fish originally got sick. If this is a new purchase - kindly take a moment to review the Care History Information and Quarantine Instructions provided to you with your ORDER CONFIRMATION email before filling out the form. Please use a computer if you can't fill this out on your smartphone. 

If you don't receive a response within 24 hours of sending this form, it's possible you entered an invalid email address or the email server has marked your email address as unsafe/spam. (This security function is beyond my control). If this happens, kindly resubmit the form using a different email address. 

Note to iCloud and Email Account Holders: Unfortunately the system automatically forwards ICLOUD and ME.COM electronic messages to my junk folder. Please use a different email address.

For Yahoo Email Account Holders: always check your spam folder in case my reply got lost in there by mistake.

For AOL Email Account Holders: if you're not receiving my emails, Shipping Rates, Order Invoices, or Tracking Information -- it's because you're still using an outdated email service. Please use a different email address other than AOL.



  • Disclaimer: While my treatment recommendation and procedure is intended to help - it's not all inclusive. I'm not a Doctor or a Scientist and so therefore any conjectures made will be based solely on my own goldfishkeeping experience. No guarantees or assurances are made regarding the treatment itself. Individual results may vary.

  • 3-Limit Policy: As of Jan. 2018 I'm imposing a 3 Consultation Limit for all ECR Customers. More on this here: LINK

  • I will take care of you but kindly refrain from sending SMS/Text messages to my mobile number (I don't text). 

  • Mondays are the busiest days of the week for both my companies. Tuesdays & Wednesdays are days when I ship. I can't guarantee my availability on these days. I encourage you to seek other avenues for help. The rest of the week, I'm able to attend to consultations by order of PRIORITY and usually around midnight.

  • If the situation is extreme based on the details you provide this may require me to call. Please be available when I call. If you see an incoming private number or a New York call soon after you filled out a Sick Fish Consultation form - it must be me.

  • Be prepared for medical expenses and other incidentals.


I have goldfish medications available for sale here. Obviously, you can purchase these meds from other stores but I do get these in bulk and wanna make sure all my customers have immediate access to medication I reliably use.

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