Hi, I'm an independent goldfish breeder/hobbyist located here on the East Coast. I work full time during the day and East Coast Ranchu is my second shift at night. I don't have a physical storefront - just a fishroom in the basement of my home. Just the way I like it. No staff - just me. It's not an easy task juggling two passions I care deeply about but to have a little bit of both worlds has been really cool and very fulfilling. I know a lot of you can relate.

My goldfish were bred from a collection of premium imported breeding stock I purchased directly and privately from a high-end farm overseas whose facilities mirror the same healthy conditions and environment that I provide for my fish. I do linebreeding and outcrossing and so every year I invest heavily on new livestock/seeds to expand and/or enhance the attributes of the goldfish that I breed.

QUALITY • Quality is a matter of perception. Every goldfishkeeper has an idea what standards should be met and they will vary from person to person. For hobbyists the most desirable will be the highest quality and when the goldfish is priced high, the perception is "high quality". This is the "Quality Equals Price" inference theory. So some importers will milk this concept by labeling a fish "Grade AAA" just to make it more appealing and to justify the extremely high price because, accordingly, that high price is an indicator of legit superior quality. Nevermind that the goldfish dies days or weeks upon arrival and wipes out your entire collection from a virus or superparasite contamination you've never encountered before, nevermind that it comes from a shady vendor whose pattern is systematically selling infected, pumped-full-of-hormones, chemically-modified imports as long as it benefits their bottom line.


Now, contrary to the urban legend, goldfish labeled Grade AAA or Grade AAAA (priced at several hundred to even thousands of $) doesn't make a fishkeeper levitate above the rest of us. NASA has yet to discover the planet where those fish came from. If that's the "QUALITY" you're looking for with the premium pricing you're willing to pay and the risk factor you're willing to take, there are many Price Gougers out there lying in wait for mindless androids who are unfamiliar with their pricing dynamics (i.e; import for $3 and mark up 500%). They might even throw in a coffee mug that says "Congratulations, you're better than everyone else."


But different things hold different levels of value with different people. If a good looking healthy fish from a breeder you can trust is something you value, then kindly consider East Coast Ranchu. 


The ECR Guiding Principle:
Sell at a fair price. Price based on value.


VALUATION • I base my price on a goldfish's overall health, external structure & appearance, along with it's breeding potential. Please take a moment to check out my Instagram page where I proudly display the goldfish I breed. And since my fish don't have big fat egos or superiority complex -- let's all calm down and just call ECR fish "zero-pedigree" 'cause I'm cool with that. Anyone can claim anything. Every single goldfish store out there is already saying they're The Best. 🤪 ECR has been lowering the bar since 2012 (Insert elitist opinion here) so please: lower your expectations. I don't need to be pretentious and attempt to impress you by declaring these goldfish to be of greater importance than they actually are *i.e; Championship line, comes with a trophy, well-known bloodline from another galaxy, etc. But I can guarantee that these goldfish DO NOT HAVE COSTIA, GHV, or TUBERCULOSIS. 

CARE • Goldfish from large scale distributors (pet store chains, importer/sellers) are normally raised in overcrowded fish farms under poor water conditions so most will show symptoms of infection and carry parasites upon purchase. Others will act normally but may have already been exposed and have ongoing internal issues. Ever since my goldfish were small they were in PERFECT water! Homebred and raised in the best optimal environment with 2x daily water changes. They are pretreated for parasites from the first week of life and get regular antiparasitic/antifungal treatments as preventive. They are fed Live Baby Brine Shrimp, Frozen Bloodworms, Adult Brine Shrimp & NLS Thera A (.5mm to 1mm). They grow really well and inferior food or poor aquatic care will affect that growth.

The customers don't come first. The goldfish always come first. 

I assure you these goldfish will never get less than my best


FACILITY • The fishroom and greenhouse are automated (water temperature control, room temperature, flowthrough water change system, whole house carbon filtration). ECR goes through 122,400 gallons of water per month. Both the fishroom and the greenhouse are equipped with multiple security cameras which allows me to monitor offsite if there are any system failures. 


SCIENCE • I've only been breeding goldfish since 2009. I don't have any scientific background. I've made countless mistakes along the way and I regret all of them. But I've learned so much and most of what I know I learned from people who's life's work has been dedicated into many hours of scientific research (D. Mandley, D. Lains). Everything they do is genius and generous. I take no credit for the practical knowledge I disseminate with every goldfish I sell. When you buy an East Coast Ranchu goldfish -- you're getting the benefit of my experience and theirs.


GROWTH  The goldfish I post for sale are mostly young between 6 to 10 months. Your challenge is to groom the fish so it reaches its full potential. Below shows a young buffalo head sold in August 2015. The picture on the right was sent to me by the buyer on February 2016.

The second picture shows a 1 inch Thai Oranda juvenile purchased in December and the difference in 6 months (May 2016 photos from the buyer).


More juvenile growths (LINK)

ADS • ECR Goldfish "speaks for itself". I make it a policy NEVER to do aggressive or forceful Hard Sell simply because I detest it when other people/stores do that to me. I'm not comfortable flooding people's news feed with Goldfish For Sale. I strongly believe that a satisfied customer is the most effective form of promotion. Word of mouth is all it takes. When you know the value of the 'product' you're selling -- you don't have to beg people to like you.


CUSTOMERS • Like all other small businesses the ability to connect with customers is unprecedented on every level. It would be a mistake if a small business isn't shouting it's story from the proverbial rooftop - how else does one compete with the bigger players? My intention has always been to tailor ECR to be uniquely "me".  With the advent of Social Media it takes a little more creativity and transparency to get the customer's attention. But the upside is worth it if it means finding good homes for these beautiful goldfish.​ 


I'm obsessed with the CUSTOMER VISUAL EXPERIENCE and will continue to improve on this with any available technological advances I can utilize. I put in a lot of time to take detailed photos and videos of my goldfish. I want customers to see everything. What you see is what you get. The East Coast Ranchu Instagram Page is constantly updated so that people can see what happens behind the scenes, ongoing breeding projects as well my own private goldfish collection.


Let me finish this off with a sincere thank you to every goldfishkeeper who's supported East Coast Ranchu; those who have rooted for me, guided me, inspired me and those who have my back. My East Coast Ranchu journey has been incredible and I hope to take it further with your continued support. Thank you for everything. 

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