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These are photos sent to me by customers who purchased juvenile goldfish. The first picture shows a juvenile ranchu right after delivery. The one on the right is the same fish 6 months later. This goldfishkeeper religiously follows the 'secret' ECR recommended feeding and grooming formula. *This insider info will be provided to you after you complete a purchase.

If you're considering an ECR juvenile goldfish - I hope this inspires you! I know you'd rather buy a bigger fish with fully developed heads and cheeks but there's nothing quite like the satisfaction of watching young goldfish grow right in front of your own eyes. 

Goldfish For Sale

Here's another update picture sent by a customer. The top picture shows a juvenile oranda from Dec. 15, 2017. Bottom pic shows the baby after just 24 days.

The goldfish I post for sale are mostly young between 6 to 10 months. Your challenge is to groom the fish so it reaches its full potential. Below shows a young buffalo head sold in August 2015. The picture on the right was sent to me by the buyer on February 2016.

Goldfish for sale

Below shows a 1 inch Thai Oranda juvenile from a set of baby orandas purchased in December 2015. The right picture shows the difference in 6 months (May 2016 photos from the buyer).

Goldfish for sale

Below shows a young Thai Oranda in the Live Stream tank 2 days before it shipped to its new dad. The next picture was taken by the buyer and shows the difference in 8 months from 5 inches to more than double it size (now almost 11 inches).

Goldfish for sale
Goldfish for sale
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