ECR Live Broadcast on YouTube

Provisional Hours of Operation: 1:30pm to 12am Eastern Time | Mondays to Saturdays


What is ECR Live Stream?

(Live Streaming since May 2, 2016)


ECR Live Stream is a unique online shopping alternative and experience now on its 5th year. There’s nothing as authentic and genuine as live video! What you see is what you get. With ECR Live Stream I'm able to broadcast and feature goldfish for sale in real time. Simply watch the live video feed and narrow down your choices by referring to the Live Stream Gallery Pricelist. After you've reviewed them, note down your final selections and fill out the Order Form


• Please be patient, I work during the day and at times can only respond afterhours or late at night. • No additional high resolution pictures or closeup videos of the goldfish will be provided other than the photos already posted on the Gallery and the recorded videos on YouTube. I put up a live stream to save time. The previous day's footage is viewable on YouTube so you can scrub through the video and have a close look at the goldfish you like.


Sometimes buyers get frustrated when they miss out on a goldfish to someone else who buys it outright. My advise is this: •Request for a shipping quote ahead of time here: LINK •Once you have an idea of how much is shipping, then its easier to shop the Live Stream Gallery. •If you see a goldfish you like from the list, first fill out the Order Form to make an official order. •While you're waiting for me to respond to the order, send immediate payment just for the amount of the fish to PayPal By doing this the goldfish is automatically RESERVED for you (unless another person pays ahead of you). We can work out the total invoice with shipping later. Here are important things to keep in mind: •Whoever pays first gets the fish. •Make sure you've reviewed the fish carefully on Live Stream. If you don't see the fish in the current video, it should show up on the next Live Stream or a previous video. Usually I'm still editing the gallery as Live Stream is happening so I can't immediately attend to the Orders but the shopping strategy above is your best way to get first dibs on the goldfish you want. I try my best to reply to orders immediately after I finish uploading all the new Live Stream photos. If you don't have a PayPal you can do a Direct Debit card payment here: LINK


•The viewing tank for CAMERA 1 will be restocked with new goldfish every week (I try to list either Monday night or Thursday night). •Previous goldfish additions still waiting for forever homes will be viewable on CAMERA 2. •I add Petgrade, Hobby grade and Grade A goldfish in the tank to give every fish a chance to find a forever home.


•Lives Stream Videos are recorded and will show up on YouTube within 24hrs. •The ECR Live Stream Channel will be offline during maintenance operations (no specific schedule). •To view the live video feed clearly on your smartphone you must have a reliable and fast wifi connection. •High speed connections provides a solid steady stream. ECR runs on a 940mbps fiber optic internet connection. •While the camcorder is 4K capable, I've set the encoder output to 1080p HD since YouTube has difficulty recording 12 hours of 4K video. If you're experiencing lags or disconnects please adjust your player settings to a different resolution. •A clogged connection (yours or mine or clogged in both directions) will affect the video quality and show pixelated video streaming or dropped frames.


•The water is changed daily. The tank can get cloudy during and after feeding time.

•To the fish tank police: Calm yourself down. These aren't small tanks. STOP freaking out about it. You're seeing only a small portion of the tank that the camera lens can accommodate. It looks crowded because all the fish gather at the front where they are attracted to the light and the cameras. It's also the feeding area. They know to gather here expecting to be fed whenever they see any humans near the front of the tank. What you don't see is all the way to the back of the tank where there's LOTS of room to swim around. This is a recirculating system that includes a 150gallon water reservoir. The reservoir water is changed EVERY NIGHT and fed back to the main show tanks.

•I raise all my fish in very shallow water. It takes time for incoming fish I just added to the tank to get used to the depth, the new environment, the lights, the multiple cameras as well as a multitude of fish they are "meeting" for the first time. Some fish can get stressed. Some with big deep bodies as well as the younger baby fish will have difficulty maneuvering in the water because they're not used to deep water pressure. Some fish can take days or weeks to gradually adjust. If and when I see that they're in distress -- I'll take them out of the tank when I deem it necessary. I appreciate people's concern but please: don't panic. Rest assured there's no animal cruelty happening here.

•I'm able to control the Live Stream cameras and encoders remotely via an online app. If I'm still at work and issues occur in the tank - I'll turn off the equipment without notice and have a family member attend to the fish during emergencies.


Live Stream sales is not AUCTION-STYLE. There's no bidding involved. All goldfish listed have fixed prices. Whoever pays first gets the goldfish. NOT "whoever pays the highest".


Again, this is not an auction.

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