Please fill out the shipping quote request form HERE. Shipping price varies depending on your location and dimensional weight of the box. Note that I'm all the way on the East Coast. The further the distance, the higher the cost to ship.

*I understand that the overall investment on your order (fish + shipping cost) is a major factor in your decision to proceed with an online purchase. When considering your options: keep in mind that these are US home-bred goldfish proudly raised in excellent conditions and is comparatively in much better health than store bought or imported fish. They weren't imported 7,000 miles cruelly and inhumanely crammed in one shipping bag with 50 other fish where half will arrive dead from suffocation and the other half are contaminated. You might end up spending more on medicating your imports or losing your whole collection altogether from import-borne diseases. Just sayin'.


Starting July 9, 2018 I'll only ship on Tuesdays so that the fish won't be left at the courier's facility over the weekend due to unexpected delays or dispatch service errors. Be advised that all shipments are scheduled for Tuesday shipping by DEFAULT. I have to manage MY ECR shipping timetable to fit my regular work schedule. I normally drop off packages at FedEx/UPS at night before the cutoff and do this AFTER I get home from work. If Tuesday is fully booked, any excess shipments are carried over to the next day or the next week. If no one will be home to receive your package, I can ship to your office or send to a different domestic address or ship to your nearest FedEx Station with a *Hold for Pickup request. I don't attend to ECR emails on shipping days until after midnight so if you need to cancel or reshedule your shipment I must be notified at least 24 HOURS AHEAD OF TIME. For destinations where I offer UPS Ground and FedEx Overnight as options - I strongly recommend Express Overnight shipping versus Ground Shipping when dealing with LIVE fish. Please be aware of the risks you're taking on your investment: whilst UPS Ground may estimate a delivery commitment time-frame of 24 hours, this delivery date is not guaranteed because transit times can take 3 or more days. For this reason I only provide Live Guarantee with Express Overnight shipments. Once an order is paid, your fish will be isolated, health checked & and won't be fed 48hrs prior to shipping to ensure that the fish doesn't foul up the water while in transit.


If you won't be home to receive your shipment, I'm able to send the package to your workplace. Or for Express shipments (not Ground), I can have it shipped to your nearest FedEx station where they can HOLD packages FOR PICKUP.


Hawaii requires a permit for importation of live animals. You can apply for a 1-time permit or a whole year permit. More info HERE. Goldfish is in the "Conditionally Approved Animals" list. The permit takes 2 weeks to be approved. Once you have it, I will need a copy emailed to me at which will then be included in the package when it ships.


Unfortunately I don't ship to Canada or Mexico. If you are doing a day trip to the US - I can ship the goldfish to the nearest FedEx or UPS Station near the border where you can pick up the package. Examples: FedEx Buffalo, NY near Ontario, Canada border FedEx McAllen, Texas near the Mexican border in Reynosa The package will contain an East Coast Ranchu invoice which you then show to the inspector at the border point of entry. Rest assured Goldfish is in the list of allowable animals to be brought in to Canada & Mexico. You need to tell them that its for your household aquarium ("personal use only"). For Canadians you are required to complete and provide the Importer's Declaration of Ownership for Pet Aquatic Animals Form at the point of entry. Get the form HERE. There are no inspection fees. There may be a harmonized sales tax (HST) @ 13% at the Canadian border.


You WILL receive an email with tracking information for your order after midnight or within 24hrs of shipment. Attention Difficult Customers: PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD no spamming "Did you ship the fish, Did you ship the fish, Did you ship the fish?" I will NOT respond to spamming. And no, I'm not going to confirm the shipping schedule AGAIN after I already sent you the Shipping Schedule. Please stop being difficult. Kindly check your email for the Order Confirmation and Shipping Schedule. Check it twice. The shipping schedule will only change if I send out a BULLETIN in the event of an emergency.


Rates Effective June 2021 I can ship via Ground Service (Flat Rate of $30) only if your location is within 1 day transit time. I can fit upto 2 goldfish in the box. $10 will be added for every additional fish. Her's the UPS Ground Overnight MAP: CLICK HERE. *I don't offer Live Guarantee with Ground Shipping. UPS Delivery Commitment for Ground Shipments is typically in one to five days even if the estimate is for 1 day transit.


Live Guarantee is for Overnight shipping only. Your shipment is guaranteed to arrive ALIVE with Overnight Express Shipping. If you're not home to receive your shipment on its first delivery attempt this guarantee is VOIDED. Live Guarantee is not provided for UPS Ground shipments or FedEx 2-Day shipments or delayed shipments.

IMPORTANT: ECR will not be held responsible for FedEx or UPS delays. A delayed express Overnight Shipment is not covered by the Live Guarantee. There will be no refunds or credit or replacements on DOAs resulting from a delayed delivery.

If you paid for Overnight Express and your goldfish is dead on arrival - kindly notify me ASAP within 15 minutes of package receipt. Do NOT open the bag! Sorry but I must stand firm on this. Sometimes people fail to acclimate the fish properly, or are otherwise responsible for the death of the fish (left in the mailbox or left in the car, no one home to receive the package), and then claim the fish was DOA and demand refund/replacement. Take a clear VIDEO of the fish in the original, unopened KORDON shipping bag as soon as you can. Email notification with attached video of the dead fish in the bag MUST be within 15 minutes of the package receipt. No exceptions.

The delivery record for your shipment will be verified before I issue a refund or replace the fish. Reshipping fees is the buyer's responsibility.


I use USPS for MEDICATION SHIPMENTS ONLY, not on Live Fish Shipments. I realize that shipping cost is lower with USPS and generally everyone wants to save on shipping. However, based on my experience - FedEx provides a more reliable delivery and tracking service with Live Animal packages. I only use UPS on 24-hr Ground Shipments. FedEx and UPS aren't always 100%. And yes, shipments can get delayed from engine trouble, dispatch errors, weather disruptions, etc. But I have a better chance of tracking the package with FedEx and UPS. With USPS, I've had 95% failure rate: Live Fish packages lost for a whole week, package sent the opposite direction, incorrect tracking updates, and several days delay on supposedly Express shipments. This is really unacceptable and here's why: These are my pets before they are yours. They're not treated like "inventory". I don't care about the $$ you're gonna pay me for each fish if it means the life of the fish I painstakingly raised. For my own peace of mind I will only ship them within Continental USA using FedEx and UPS.


Shipping delays can happen due to inclement weather, mechanical issues with the plane, dispatch errors from the carrier office or an address label discrepancy. Be aware, under FedEx's & UPS's shipping Terms and Conditions they hold NO Financial Liability for the loss/death of live animals when delays occur. The carrier has no obligation to monitor live animal shipments. There are no provisions to care for all kinds of animals, regulate temperature, vibration, shock from routine handling etc. Once you proceed with a purchase you officially ACKNOWLEDGE and ACCEPT that risk. If any shipping delay occurs - think carefully before you take it out on ME. Please keep in mind that I have no control over FedEx or UPS. When you purchase ECR goldfish - my obligation is to provide the goldfish. The carrier's obligation is to provide the shipping service and if there's a service failure from their end this is THEIR responsibility, not ECRs.