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Please support fellow fishkeepers in the hobby who are committed to making goldfishkeeping better and enjoyable with high quality products and supplies. Please click their links to view more:


The endorsements featured on this page contain external links to information created and maintained by other vendors. These links are provided for your convenience.



The ECR website generates an average of 10,000+ customer visits per month. If you're a goldfishkeeper with a startup goldfish-related small business (product/services only), an ACTIVE Instagram account and interested in product placement/endorsement on this website, please contact East Coast Ranchu at for prerequisite checklist and agreement. (Subject: ECR Endorsement).


An endorsement ​for Live Goldfish for Sale (excluding Side View Ranchu and Oranda) must reflect my honest &​ authentic ​​appraisal substantiated with an on-site / first hand ​observation of the vendor's livestock, facility and husbandry. ​The following are ​US ​breeders I ​support 100% and continue to endorse: ​


Matt Lyon *Purple Butterflies

Jennie / Solid ​Gold Aquatics *Butterfly Telescopes

Sasha / High Ranchu" *Top View Ranchu ​

David / Goldfish Garage*Top View Ranchu​​​

Kenneth / NYC *Short Tail Ryukins​

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