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I've met countless amazing people in this hobby & lifelong friends throughout my goldfishkeeping journey. There's a handful that I trust completely who I know have NO AGENDA & accommodated my need for privacy. Unfortunately I've also encountered duplicitous characters along the way who will stop at nothing just to get ahead. I was raised with a strong moral compass & was always taught to ignore/just laugh at people like this. But lines have been crossed & I'm pushed to my limit - I'll nip it in the bud now before something happens that compromises all the hard work I've put into East Coast Ranchu. 


I'm aware of recent negative campaigning to sabotage the East Coast Ranchu brand and efforts to put this store in bad light just to gain competitive advantage. It's uncouth, pathetic, deceitful and I'm tired of it. It's hard enough being a woman in a male-dominated industry. There should be no need to bully and tear down a private breeder/seller just to make your store seem "BETTER". I'm small scale - what's there to feel threatened about? To safeguard the good name I have built over the years please note the following: 


  • East Coast Ranchu is NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY THAI IMPORTER/SELLER - NOT NOW OR IN THE PAST. None of the THAI or CHINESE goldfish I breed domestically were ever purchased from this seller.

  • Any claims that I'm connected to a Thai Importer/Seller or endorsing or reselling for their store are FRAUDULENT.

  • Any audacious claims that East Coast Ranchu goldfish originated from that store is wishful thinking and completely FALSE.

  • Any similarities in name, branding, advertising concepts, promotions, purchase guidelines, etc including derivative selling strategies are half-baked plagiarisms I have no control over.


I stand by the quality of goldfish that I breed and I take pride in the care I've put into each one. I believe in practicing common decency: I don't sell sick fish for profit - my integrity is important to me. I live a comfortable life and ECR is NOT my means of livelihood. Every single $ that comes in goes back to the hobby and improving the quality of life I provide for my fish. It pays for their food, utilities, meds & equipment upgrades. I don't go around desperately "offering to price-match whatever the competitor sells" just to steal the customer ~ it's beneath me. I know exactly what East Coast Ranchu brings to the table - I don't have to beg people to like this fish. 


If you have purchased goldfish from multiple sources including East Coast Ranchu and you encounter an infectious outbreak with mortalities but unable to identify the source - please familiarize yourself with the history of goldfish Costia infections and outbreaks in the US. Take a moment to search on topics related to this at and every single fishkeeper whose collection was wiped out. >CLICK HERE<


The burden of proof is not on me - I don't even have to lift a finger. I'm confident and know the health condition of the goldfish I breed from the moment I cared for the parent stock and throughout the lifetime of each offspring that I groomed. I have the support and references of well known and respected people in the industry who regularly see my fish & visit my facility and who have also been victimized by disreputable goldfish sellers. This whole ECR character assasination is a self serving, money-grubbing tactic - only a coward is capable of such an accomplishment.

The burden of proof lies on the competing store shifting blame, spreading misleading information about ECR and corrupting the fishkeeping community in order to cover up their past history of systematically and consistently selling infected fish over and over again. Not only does it cause hundreds or even thousands of $ in losses when the fishkeeper's entire collection is wiped out from contamination but also causes broken spirits and ruins the hobby for everyone. Who is most likely to introduce diseases into a closed and controlled environment? The local breeder or the importer who brings in fish from overseas every few weeks?

Here's my advice and you know who you are:


  • You're morally bankrupt. Because of you I've had to reevaluate who I trust in this industry. DON'T ever ask to add me to your Facebook friend's list again or text me or follow my social media accounts; YouTube, Instagram, etc when all you do is maliciously use info against me behind my back. 

  • STOP visiting this page to gather intel (visitor stats analyzer tracks IPs) I don't have the time, interest or the inclination to visit yours. Don't rationalize that just because I posted an original concept or idea online implicitly grants you permission to copy it. Have some pride.

  • I have a clear sense of what is right and wrong and follow a CODE OF ETHICS that values honesty and authenticity above all else. DON'T assume to align me with you and your ILK by asking me to resell your $3 imported culls for $50-100 then lie to people by telling them your fish are "championship line" when they're not (YES I still have your message SAVED on my cellphone).

  • JUST BE A MAN and stay in your own lane. Find something positive to do in your life today instead of spending time saying unkind words about me.

  • What goes around comes around.


To those who visited my page and read all of the above...


My transparency will bother some of you but this was necessary and inevitable. For a long time I've been told be careful not to "disturb the status quo" because those who kowtow to their Sick-Fish-Thai-Importer only care about getting favors. I'm done being bullied into a corner and staying silent. It's alarming that some of the most influential people in the US Goldfish Trade turns a blind eye on unfair business practices and allow this horrible person to get away with it. I'm not asking anyone to take a side. I'm not doing this to invoke sympathy. I just want people to know the truth. Some individuals HATE too much and want to see East Coast Ranchu fail. I just use your hate as fuel to motivate me. 

My business model has always been about Improving the American Goldfish and distributing offspring from quality asian-bloodlines. I’m fully committed to the "genetic dilution" of import-borne diseases by breeding goldfish from livestock that have been completely cleared of infections.

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