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OCTOBER 18, 2017


For the past few weeks the ECR Live Stream feed has been going through one technical interruption after another and it's been getting worse. I'm so embarrassed by this. Since I started Live Stream in April of 2016  -  there has only ever been minor glitches but those were easily fixed.


The poor connection problem is compounded by the following:


  • Powerlines are currently being upgraded and repaired along the streets within my immediate vicinity. 

  • Internet Speeds slow down badly during peak hours (night time) in my area because there are even more households sharing the only available local bandwidth (Optimum).

  • This is worsened by my very techie household. We use a lot of wifi enabled devices from home security to lighting and home automation systems. Add to this, every member of the family works either in multimedia or programming including myself. We use large amounts of data uploading and downloading graphic & video files.

To address these connectivity Issues, the primary internet account was upgraded from 300mbps speed to 400mbps on October 16. A secondary fiber internet account dedicated solely for the ECR Live Stream Encoder was installed on Wednesday October 18.

To address the power issues, a new power supply line dedicated only to the Live Stream Encoder, Computer and Camera system was installed on October 16. 

I apologize for the inconvenience. Please bear with me while these upgrades are being tested this week. You'll notice some initial troubleshooting and adjustments while I'm still calibrating. Live Stream may go on and offline as I work out the correct configuration. Rest assured all the necessary upgrades and backups are in place so that Live Stream viewers will have a smooth viewing experience moving forward.

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