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Goldfish for Sale



2018 babies are now available for sale! If you missed out on the 2016/2017 Starter Kit promos - now is your chance to get a Goldfish Baby Starter Set. This will include 8 Standard Grade Thai Buffalo Head ranchus  for $99.95. Size is 1 inch+. This set is ideal for experienced goldfishkeepers interested in learning to groom and raise a different goldfish type: RANCHU. Here is a video of the seed parent: LINK. Also note this female was bred from this ranchu: LINK

1. What breed are these ranchus?
These are Thai Buffalo Head Ranchus

2. What colors will I receive?
These are uncolored metallics and some will be in midcolor change. Colors will come in and intensify AS THE RANCHU GROWS. I CAN'T predict their coloration or WHEN exactly the colors will start coming in. It will depend on genetics, your grooming skills, and the environment that you provide. I have 1 year old ranchus that are still changing color.

3. How do I properly groom the ranchus?
You will receive a Ranchu Baby Care Guide detailing how to raise and groom the babies as soon as full payment is received.

4. Can I choose the ranchus individually?
You will receive a "STARTER" set that will be preselected for you. You'll receive good specimens that swims well, I won't send out unhealthy fish. 

Sorry but I can't spend time scouring through hundreds of babies individually checking for specific traits; fused or split tails; double or single anal fins; eye distance; or even peduncle shortness or thickness. These are Standard Grade, not for competition.

5. Can you take videos of the ranchus before they ship?
No videos. Rest assured you will receive healthy ranchus that have already been given antibacterial and anti-parasitic preventive treatment.

6. How much is the shipping fee? 

Fill out the Shipping Quote Request Form >CLICK HERE< Please indicate that you need the shipping quote for the Baby Starter Set.


7. When does this offer end? 

While the ranchus are at 1 inch size. There are currently 4 batches.

  • (UPDATE May 23, 2018) The first 3 batches have now sold out. There's only a few sets left from the last batch. Take advantage of this offer while its available. I will disable this page when ALL sets have SOLD OUT.

  • (UPDATE May 27, 2018) All 1 inch babies are now Sold Out. If you're interested in a Starter Set, the only ones left are 1.7 to 2 inches in size and will be sold at 6 for $99.95. Only a few sets available.

  • (UPDATE JUNE 4, 2018) SOLD OUT

8. How can I place an order?

Please make sure to read the Purchase Guidelines carefully before you proceed with an order. When ready, kindly fill out the ORDER FORM. The item code is BBR-8.


*This package cannot be combined with other offers, coupon codes or promotional discounts.

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