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Goldfish come in many colors: red, wild olive, calico, red & white, brown, white, yellow, blue, black, tricolor, sakura, lavender, lemon, jade and even purple. When I breed the metallics, half of the offspring will always come out red. This is a natural and expected genetic occurrence. As time goes by, the reds collect in the ECR fishroom just waiting patiently. While the rest of the colored fish are getting snatched up in no time -- the plain red ones keep getting re-listed for sale. Some have been waiting 1 or 2 years and probably re-listed more than a dozen times. Some younger ones from this year's batch have already been re-listed on Live Stream a couple times and hopelessly on the same path as their older siblings. Those of you who have known me awhile are aware that I'm a softie and have difficulty euthanizing these guys. I'll hold onto them as long as it takes to find them a home.

Below are reds that have been listed several weeks or months prior; some relisted a few times. I hope you can make room for reds. I know the color is plain. But they are just as sweet and cute. Maybe someday they'll finally belong to forever homes after waiting so long.



For those commenting that I should just offer these reds at below-market-price "sacrifice sale": Thank you for your input. I'm not gonna undervalue these reds and the time+resources put into raising them just because they're overlooked. They're not perfect or exceptional goldfish but they're not worthless either.  I value them equally the same as all other goldfish in my facility. They won't be treated with diminished care just to keep them sustainable for the duration of their life here. I put up this page to highlight their predicament. These guys have waited patiently. They'll wait a while longer for someone who appreciates their worth.


Kindly fill out the Order Form if you're interested in purchasing a red goldfish.

Thai Oranda | SOLD

Size 5.5"


Pic #2 Click Here

Yoghurt's Offspring

CLICK HERE to see Yoghurt



Thai Ranchu | SOLD

Size 4.0"


From Stewie Griffin's Offspring

Click Here to see Stewie



Thai Ranchu | SOLD

Size 3.25"


Thai Buffalo Head

Pic # 2 (Click Here)

From Stewie Griffin's Offspring

Click Here to see Stewie



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