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Make sure to read the Shipping guidelines here and the Store Policies here.

Please double check your emails if you've inquired for shipping rates within the same year and have already received the info you requested. The rates will be the same. Unless it's a new calendar year, a second (and redundant) inquiry won't be attended to.

For Yahoo Email Account Holders: always check your spam folder in case my reply got lost in there by mistake.

For AOL Email Account Holders: Unfortunately AOL is an outdated email service with obsolete security protocols and program limitations. If you're not receiving ECR emails, Shipping Rates, Order Invoices, or Tracking Information - this is an AOL issue. Be advised that AOL is notorious for arbitrarily blocking or discarding emails that other leading email providers readily accept. I strongly recommend using a different email address other than AOL. 

Beginning July 9, 2018 I will only ship on Tuesdays so that the fish won't be left at the courier's facility over the weekend due to unexpected delays or dispatch service errors. Be advised that all shipments are scheduled for Tuesday shipping by DEFAULT. I have to manage MY ECR shipping timetable to fit my regular work schedule. I normally  drop off packages at FedEx and UPS at night before the cutoff and do this AFTER I get home from work. If Tuesday is fully booked, any excess shipments are carried over to the next day or the next week depending on my daytime work sched.


If no one will be home to receive your package, I can ship to your office or send to a different domestic address or ship to your nearest FedEx Station with a *Hold for Pickup request.



For general goldfishkeeping inquiries please join the goldfish forums or #GoogleIsYourFriend.  

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