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The problem with throwing dirt in the air is that it lands on everyone.

I'm a very patient person. But I'm not a saint. And I have my limits. Since the launch of East Coast Ranchu in April of 2012, I've dealt with thousands of customers both good and bad. For the first few years I thought silence was the best way to address exaggerations, lies and baseless info posted online by disgruntled rookies, misogynists, and even by people who have never bought from my store intentionally sabotaging my business. Some have only read about ECR or got secondhand info then jump to conclusions. I've really had enough. This time I've allocated this special page to address all that. I intend to keep this here permanently - it's the only place I can actually counter false & malicious information meant to hurt & discredit ECR.


Those who genuinely know me know that I have a solid ethical reputation. When someone goes out of their way to smear my name and trash my hard work -- it becomes personal. Some people are so desperate for attention they'll attack anyone who's done nothing to harm them.

When did our notions of humanity hinged on the intentional destruction of another? Somehow we've become a society that's OK with other people inflicting pain and spreading hate on Social Media, promoting internet assault as a means of asserting superiority. The anonymity provided by the Internet fosters communities where people can feed on each other’s hate without consequence. We've become numb to the aftermath. We've made it so easy for anybody to inflict harm online with impunity by NOT speaking up against them. The inherent unfairness and hypocrisy is unnoticed : people claiming to be decent human beings after public shaming me online, dehumanizing me with a smear campaign of cruel innuendos, expletives, threats, name-calling, going far beyond bullying and sliding right into sadistic in the most intrusive, tasteless way possible. 


These people don't understand the magnitude of their actions which if redirected at them, they would be deeply upset. I have loved ones who follow my account online; I have a child who was affected so badly she felt she was going through the bullying alongside me. She has no part in this vendetta-induced hate spree against me. This hate mob only ever saw a mere tiny glimpse of background information with the bits and pieces they read and see. Yet somehow they determined MY ENTIRE WORTH after seeing Ms. Smear Campaigner's CLICKBAIT HATER POST with no intention of ascertaining the truth, no dialogue whatsoever. To them I'm just fair game.


So no, I will NEVER be mainstream -- doing what every business does: yielding to impossible standards set by difficult fault-finding individuals; staying quiet and compliant on the guise of being "professional" when I'm getting repeatedly slammed online by people who are resentful & jealous of my work. I've reflected on what changes need to happen even at the risk of alienating other people in the hobby and this is the crux. But it's what I have to do moving forward: I'M SPEAKING UP and I'm not gonna sugarcoat anything. This won't sit well with some people but I will not be disrespected, I don't have to stomach any sort of attack and I'm not going to pretend something is the case when it's not. I'm asking the community to see things in a slightly different perspective, see why I don't do things a certain way. I'm not the only goldfish breeder/seller out there having to put up with abusive customers. But I'm an easy target because I'm not always in the bandwagon others are jumping into, just doing my own thing in the hobby that some might find unconventional, and yes - I'm setting strict boundaries that people aren't used to. I'm asking the community to keep an open mind, to think about what needs to change. Because I can't do this alone.

It's not easy for me to ask for help. Everything I've done for ECR - I've done on my own. All I do is love for the hobby. Even if there's no return, ECR allows me to do something that makes me happy and that's worth it to me. Some people are too sick and miserable all they wanna do is knock it down. Most issues can be resolved privately in a civilized manner but when it's taken public and haters invest time maligning my name on Social Media, I'll address it here and I'm gonna be transparent about it. We're in the same playing field and I WILL use the internet to even the score (the same weapon you're using). I will clap back. I'm not just gonna sit here and let my work be ridiculed and diminished. This page is where I'll set the record straight against hateful non-contributing members of society who feel intimidated by what I've accomplished, who think I can be controlled and be OBEDIENT, and who have finally found their Purpose in Life: The ECR Smear Campaign. 


SO HERE'S TO YOU HATER. I'm really flattered you're always checking up on me so you can judge my actions and question my morals. I look forward to anything you might do regarding respect for life. I, of course, won't hold my breath - cowards like you always like to do your work in the shadows like any slimy sewer rat. But I can assure you - no matter what happens I'LL BE OKAY. When it comes down to it - the people in the hobby that I connect with the best are the people that spread good vibes, people that are happy with the goldfish I provide and are having fun. There's a lot of good people in my corner.

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