In 2015 I decided to start breeding orandas again hoping to add this to the ECR store once the first batch is ready. I had the opportunity to procure an incredible line of giant Thai Orandas (metallics, blacks and calicos). I have since bred a substantial quantity in the last few years. The most remarkable ones are the blacks. If you've seen my adult Thai Black Orandas, they have a signature look: chunky chins, chubby cheeks and grumpy cute faces. They have beautiful flowy tails and whenever I list them they go really fast.

If you're interested in Thai Black Orandas I currently have 2018 juveniles available for a limited time. Refer to the videos above so you can see exactly how they look like at this stage. These young orandas still have their wild baby color. With the right environment and proper grooming, they will grow black and just as magestic as their dad Diesel (LINK)

Thai Black Oranda

Hobby Grade

Item Code TBOHG

Size 2.75" - 3.0"

Set of 2 ~ $79.95

Thai Black Oranda

Grade A

Item Code TBOGA

Size 2.75" - 3.0"

Set of 2 ~ $99.95


NOPE. Not sold in singles at this size.

For single Thai Black Oranda orders please check the Live Stream Gallery.

No Photos / they all look the same.

You're buying young juveniles. Similar to this: LINK.

Last but not least - I don't know the gender.

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