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Goldfish for Local Pickup are double-bagged in regular transport polybags with medical-grade pure oxygen.

For shipping, I use Kordon Breather Bags in styrofoam insulated double-wall corrugated boxes. (ECR Unboxing Videos). Once the bags are sealed, I place them on a counter surface for a few minutes to make sure there are no leaks before they are boxed. I'm very meticulous with packaging and this is MY preferred method since East Coast Ranchu was first established. I've successfully shipped thousands of packages using this method. If you receive the box and the bags have leaked, this may well be the result of accidents in the sorting facilities (drops from conveyor belts as high as 5-20 ft) , crushed by the weight of heavier boxes stacked on top of it or careless drivers -- something I have no control over.

If you're not familiar with the science behind these shipping bags please Google it or read THIS LINK. These are designed uniquely and CANNOT be double-bagged. 



1. Weather permitting, your goldfish can survive upto a week in the breather bags. This is because the breather bags allow oxygen exchange in and out of the bag. This gives me peace of mind knowing that if there are any Carrier delays, the goldfish will be ok and survive the trip. Other live fish shippers have told stories of fish surviving more than a couple weeks in breather bags! Regular shipping bags can only contain a limited amount of oxygen. Once the oxygen runs out, your goldfish will breathe in toxic Co2 in the regular shipping bag. 

2. Shipping fees are lower using Breather Bags. If I use a regular polyshipping bag, I would have to pump in oxygen similar to how you see it done at your local pet store. This means a bigger shipping bag, a bigger box, and more water weight. This also means triple the shipping costs charged to you. I don't need to pump oxygen in the breather bag. The polyfill cushion that is wrapped around the bags create a breathable atmosphere and is sufficient for oxygen exchange. A smaller bag means a smaller box and less dimensional weight calculated for shipment.

3. Less stress for your fish. A regular shipping bag is filled with 1/3 water and 2/3 oxygen. This space allows constant sloshing in the bag which is very stressful for the goldfish. It's hard enough when the box is knocked around as the packages are sorted through conveyor belts before being loaded onto delivery trucks. There is significantly less sloshing in a compact breather bag.


**I've had people calling me 4 letter words, giving me a hard time for not shipping using the regular poly shipping bags. I've had people insult me suggesting that I watch how other shippers ship their fish because they assume I don't know how to do it the regular way. And I've had people who actually send me (!) shipping materials because they PREFER it their way. THIS is how I ship my fish. Take it or leave it.


Please note the following:


  • Paypal charges me 2.9% even when I charge you exact shipping cost.

  • I only charge you for the fish. I don't charge for my packaging costs: packaging box, styrofoam, fiberglass filament tape, polyfill, corrugated kraft board, shipping decals, hot packs, cold packs, Breather Bags + my time preparing the box or the time and gas for driving 21 miles to FedEx and back. 

  • I enjoy and love what I do. It's hard to do this when people have no confidence in my experience or put me down with damaging reviews. It takes a lot to raise goldfish and keep them healthy - why would I ever ship them unsafely? |back to top |

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