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08.18.17 | Sick Fish Consultation Page

This page has recently been added for all paid ECR Customers. > LINK.

08.26.17 | Placing Holds

Revisions to the Policy here > LINK

08.27.17 | Vendor Endorsements

New page added for other vendors > LINK

09.03.17 | Live Stream Goldfish Gallery
Redesigned the interface to give it a cleaner look and make the images stand out. > LINK

09.04.17 | Loyalty Program

Updated the Addendum section > LINK

09.18.17 | ECR Reviews

Added a page I should've added a long time ago > LINK

09.26.17 | Shipping Policy + DOA Policy
Starting today, in rare cases of a DOA I will require video files only. STILL Photos will no longer be admissible.


10.04.17 | Bundled Sets Gallery

Promotional Sets have been moved to its own page.  > LINK

10.08.07 | Budget Corner

Added a page for standard quality goldfish looking for forever homes. > LINK

10.10.07 | Red Goldfish Gallery

Added a page for the Red Goldfish Campaign. > LINK

10.16.07 | Live Stream Connection

New dedicated power supply lines have been installed in the ECR Tech Room to address interrupted power connection issues.

10.18.07 | Live Stream Connection

The existing ECR Internet connection was upgraded from 300mbps to 400mbps. Another 100mbps Internet connection dedicated solely for ECR Live Stream was also installed to address interrupted internet connection issues. > LINK

12.02.17 | American Blue Ranchu Gallery

Finally! American Blue Ranchus are now up for sale. > LINK

12.03.17 | Savings & Freebies

I will keep adding more value-added savings and promos to this page :) > LINK

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